Monday, September 10, 2007

Linux Goes Native in Bhutan

People in Bhutan will soon be able chat, send e-mail, and surf the Internet in the native language of Dzongkha.

The country's Department of Information and Technology (DIT) has come up with an operating system called the "Dzongkha Debain Linux," an updated version of the Dzongka Linux developed in June 2006. The Dzongkha Debain Linux, which was launched on Aug. 28, according to DIT officials, can be installed in any type of computers or can be used with a live CD.

"The Dzongkha Linux was not compatible with most computers, so the operating system has been updated and made stable," said head developer of the Dzongkha Debain Linux, Pema Geley.

I think this is a good example for Sri Lanka also...

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