Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dutch Consumers’ Counsel advises against Vista

After more than 5000 complains of costumers about Vista in a month of time, the Dutch Consumers’ Counsel decided to talk with Microsoft. The goal of the negotiations was to give consumers the possibility to downgrade from Vista to XP if consumers had serious complaints about Vista. However Microsoft denied the request, since (according to Microsoft) the computers have been developed for use with Vista and a downgrade to XP will therefore bring along many other issues with the operating system (…?…). To solve some of the problems Microsoft opened a site where people can resolve many of their problems in three steps (site).

But since Microsoft did not co-operate sufficiently, the Consumers’ Counsel still advises people to ask for XP when buying a new computer and only to buy a computer with Vista installed if you are sure you will not run into trouble or if you know you will be able to handle these. Besides they advised vendors to change the operating system for costumers if they request this.

In a previous press release the Consumers’ Counsel already advised people to think about alternatives like Apple’s Mac OS X or the free Linux Ubuntu….

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