Friday, May 30, 2008

Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group


Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group

United States Air force aircraft maintenance facility that located in Tucson, Arizona in known as AMARC. Established on 1946 shortly after the world war II this is the world largest aircraft storage.

Currently this has more than 4400 aircrafts including 700 F-4 Phantom IIs. You can find out the google image of this facility at the bottom of this note. Its amazing to see 1000s of aircrafts of different ages is same place stored in nice manner.

The storage in AMARC has 4 Categories.
  • Long Term - Kept intact for future use
  • Parts Reclamation - Kept and use as spare parts
  • Flying Hold - Kept intact for shorter stays than Long Term
  • Excess of Defend Department needs - Sold off whole or in parts
This facility have employment of around 550 people that works in the space of 11 square kilometers. Its difficult to outsiders to come and see the facility but there are few bus tours that are conducted by Pima Air and Space Museum that locate nearby.

Here are few photos of the facility...

Boeing 707s

B1 Bombers

Helicopters and Fighters

F-4 Phantom II

Aerial view of AMARC - But not a reason picture

Few other images...

View Larger Map

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