Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My first day to work at XYZ

It was my first day to work. This is going to be my second job since I have given away my first one with all the good things heard about the new company.

According to the contract given, my work should start by 8 am, so I decided to be before time. Our HR already taken my vehicle number and assign me a parking slot. She already mailed me the details so there is no hassle for me to find a park on first day in unknown territory.

I came to office by 7.50. Amazingly our HR and System Administrator waiting for me at front door. HR gave me my company ID first place since she has taken my photograph earlier. She show me my seat and there is a nice welcome pack waiting at my desk for me including company hand book, company pen, note book, cap and a T shirt. How she came to know my T size?

Then it came the sys admin to me with a booklet with all the details that I should know. It got my machine username/password and cooperate username/password and steps to change them if I want. They got single sign-in for all the systems with intranet to manage all the domain links. What a relief for me as I had to remember more than five username/passwords in my previous place.

I logged in to my machine and open the new email. Amazing..., our HR has already send me a welcome mail with all my details and some of my new colleagues already greeted me through mail. I was amazed to see that even my new PM has send me a greeting mail with description of my new assignment. He has stated the steps to download even code and all the access were already available. How much they have believe on me....

Few minutes later my buddy came to me. Wow, I got a buddy too and I heard that he is going to give me a company sponsored lunch at the end of my probation period. He introduce all the people to me, show me the lunch area and wash rooms too. He teach me all the rules and regulations of the company including procedures of laving last to order a cab to use of company booked swimming pool.

Ohh, they have prepare a surprise treat for me too at 10 am. What a warm welcome and what a first day...

Vidula Hasaranga
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